Giveaway: bellabeat LEAF

wpid-photogrid_1439899944430.jpgThat's right ladies! Rouge Lioness is having its first giveaway and it's a Bellabeat LEAF!!

Truth of the matter is that women need to start making their health a priority. We need to start putting our health first. Whether you are pregnant or not, or even postnatal, your health is important. It contributes to your ability to complete daily tasks and live the life that you want to live.

With a lot of what has been going on this year, Women's Health Week 2015 was grossly neglected. Or at least I feel that it was. New Year's Resolutions of living a healthy lifestyle have been put on the back burner to just being able to survive financially, and the care of everything else comes first. Rouge Lioness is striving to make the health of urban young mothers a priority. Within the African-American women community, there are high rates of depression, low rates of treatment, and this negative stereotype that Black women refrain from exercising in order to maintain our hair styles. The way urban young mothers (Black women and women in general) embrace the priority of their health needs to change.

Thankfully, my mom is constantly sending me emails about new trends and products. Just so happened to send me an email about Bellabeat LEAF. I instantly knew that it was a product that I wanted to share out information about. BUT, the best thing happened! Bellabeat has donated a LEAF for Rouge Lioness to giveaway to one lucky young mom!

Here's How to Enter:

The giveaway picture has been posted on Rouge Lioness' Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Like/favorite the post and leave a comment about why living a healthy lifestyle is important to you. Don't forget to use the hashtag "#bellabeatLEAF."

Giveaway ends on August 25, 2015 at 11:59 PM PST.


The LEAF stays with you throughout the day, stylishly tracking your daily activity, sleep, and stress, revealing life patterns via the LEAF app. Receive real-time feedback in the form of slight vibrations, notifying you to increase or decrease your activity and reminding you about other aspects of your health, such as getting more sleep. The LEAF app even helps to monitor your monthly menstrual cycle by tracking expected days and providing information based on your activity, sleep, and stress levels. As you continue to use the LEAF, it becomes smarter by learning your personal habits and tailors feedback accordingly. The LEAF is truly unique in that it allows you to cross-reference your cycle with trends in your daily activity, all easily viewable in your app. It truly is a best friend and health coach combined into one beautiful package. Wearable smart jewelry has never been so beautiful, functional and effortless.



  • reduces stress and increases the ability to focus by providing breathing exercises
  • improves sleep quality
  • helps to achieve activity goals
  • provides exact overview of everyday activity and menstrual cycles
  • notifies when it’s most needed with the smart alarm
  • no battery charging
  • sustainable materials
  • fits every outfit and occasion

If you need more information, there is a great article on Medium about the Bellabeat LEAF and its functions.

Don't forget to check the TERMS & CONDITIONS for this giveaway!!