What’s To Come


It is time! Rouge Lioness has been promising the debut of The Webshow for quite some time and it's finally here!

The Webshow had initally been delayed because of financial reasons. One being that I wanted to save up for a really awesome DSLR to record with. But on May 31, 2015, I decided not to wait any longer. I have one of the best phablets on the market and service from (what I think) is the best carrier out there.

So, I'm putting the lens of my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and unlimited data from my T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan to work!! The videos are going to be an awesome work of art! One day I may upgrade to a DSLR, but with a great device and service, I have a lens and awesome video editing applications at my disposal. With my Galaxy Note 4 and T-Mobile service, I can film, edit and upload videos while on the go.

Rouge Lioness is moving further developing and could not be more excited! I hope that you all enjoy!

While I'm caught up in the excitement, I forgot to mention that you'll be able to find the videos on the Rouge Lioness YouTube Channel, but it you are looking for detailed information about something you see in the video, be sure to come back to The Webshow on the site. You'll be able to watch the video and read the information about it!

I hope that you all love the content that I love producing for you all! Make sure to subscrive to The Webshow stay up to date on uploaded videos!